SJW Science is of Benefit to the Alt-Right

Article here: Academics and scholars must be mindful about using research done by only straight, white men, according to two scientists who argued that it oppresses diverse voices and bolsters the status of already privileged and established white male scholars. Geographers Carrie Mott and Daniel Cockayne argued in a recent paper that doing so also perpetuates what they call “white heteromasculinism,” […]

Comment: You WILL Be Labeled Alt-Right

Rod Dreher talks about a recent event instigated by the Southern Baptist Convention’s (SBC) resolution against the alt-right, and how that resolution still does not appease some individuals linked to the SBC (article here): In today’s NYT, a black academic named Lawrence Ware announced that he is leaving the Southern Baptist Convention — this, in the wake […]

Comment: The Reason for a Lack of Outrage

Article here. The unflagging tedium of the … Don Jr. saga refuses to go away. Every day there are new breathless reports, fresh for-initiates-only micro-revelations that inspire screeches of “Treason!” But there is still no smoking gun. … This is hardly the first This is it moment the media has begged us to acknowledge. Please remember that […]

Comment: A Tale of Two Churches

Article here. With a harsh denunciation of American conservatism, published in the semi-official Jesuit journal Civilta Cattolica, the Vatican has plunged headlong into a partisan debate in a society that it clearly does not understand, potentially alienating (or should I say, further alienating) the Americans most inclined to favor the influence of the Church. Why? Why this bitter attack on […]

Comment: How Many Before 1990?

Article here. A horrific wave of acid attacks have overtaken London, leaving victims gruesomely disfigured and suffering life-altering injuries amid a growing trend that’s seen the corrosive liquid become the weapon of choice for British attackers. Two teenagers, 15 and 16, were arrested Friday following an overnight swath of attacks in which men on mopeds […]

The Rules of Engagement for Battling the Left

My Latest Article at ROK. Ever since Laura Loomer rushed the stage of New York City’s rendition of Julius Caesar by the ‘Shakespeare in the Park’ theatre group, different factions of the political-right have been debating the merits of giving the political-left a taste of its own medicine. Of course, the “respectable” conservatives decried the […]