Daily Commentary – 13 June 2017

Daily Commentary —————————— Gays and Soccer Article here. Two weeks after U.S. Soccer announced that both their men’s and women’s national teams will be wearing rainbow-colored jerseys in support of gay pride in June, Christian soccer player Jaelene Hinkle has withdrawn herself from the U.S. roster for two international friendlies this month, citing “personal reasons.” […]

Five Ways that the Left Lies to You

My Newest Article at ROK:  Here. As nearly everyone who is red-pilled knows, SJWs, progressives, and leftists in general are all too often liars and twisters of the truth. Indeed, the Left not only thrives on inconsistency and double-standards, but also on deception, obfuscation, and misdirection. And this claim holds true whether the progressive-leftists in […]

The Sanity of Christian Secession

In the two essays preceding this one—namely, “The Immortality of Christian Secession” and “The Morality of Christian Secession”—a number of moral points concerning the idea of secession were articulated and addressed. And while those essays argued that there is nothing immoral about the idea of secession, and that, at times, secession can actually be a […]

Ruled by the Black Robes

Article HERE: On Thursday, the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals affirmed a district court ruling placing a nationwide stay on the implementation of President Trump’s executive order banning travel from seven Muslim-majority countries. The judge, Chief Judge Roger Gregory, is a President Bill Clinton appointee; he was reappointed by President George W. Bush. He was […]