They Will Call You Alt-Right Anyway

Article here:

Left-wing activist and Woman’s March organizer Linda Sarsour accused CNN anchor Jake Tapper of being a member of the alt-right, a small white nationalist faction on the far-right.

Tapper called out Women’s March and Sarsour after the organization expressed its support for convicted cop-killer and domestic terrorist Assata Shakur. Tapper also referenced “ugly sentiments” from Sarsour and recent anti-Semitic statements made by a Chicago-based LGBT activist group.

Sarsour responded by saying that Tapper has joined “the ranks of the alt-right to target me online.” (There is no evidence to suggest that Tapper is a member of the alt-right.) “Welcome to the party,” she added.

Jack Tapper as alt-right….hahahaha!!! But see, this is what we say: no matter who you are, no matter what you do, and no matter how progressive you were yesterday, if you are not in-line with the most recent progressive push, they will turn on you on a dime and label you alt-right anyway. So remember that the next time you think that the progressives will be just to you or not label you unfairly. You are going to be called alt-right anyway, so you might as well be alt-right.


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