Comment: Jim Goad Asks a Pertinent Question

Article here.

Is there any evidence in the past 50 years of anyone, anywhere being charged with a “hate crime” for mocking Christianity? If there is, I haven’t seen it. I can’t recall anyone ever getting slapped with a hate-crime enhancement for insulting Christianity. If you make jokes about Jesus, you’re more likely to get offers from Hollywood than you are criminal charges.

Yet over the world, people are being dragged into court for the crime of hurting Allah’s feelings. I’m not quite sure how Allah is able to handle all of the verbal abuse. It must take a toll on him, you know? And since he’s obviously helpless, he needs his supporters to defend him.

That’s because, as I have said before, the whole point is actually about attacking Christianity. Everything else is secondary. See here.

Goad continues:

Things are even worse across the Atlantic. In England, the owner of a burger van is being prosecuted for “hate speech” after refusing to sell a sausage sandwich to a customer who didn’t agree with his anti-Islamic viewpoints. Even marchers in London’s Pride parade faced a formal legal complaint from local Muslims who were miffed at placards that read “Allah is Gay,” “Fuck Islamic Homophobia,” and “We’re here, we’re kaffir, get used to it.” It appears that even The Gays—who used to be perched confidently atop the progressive stack—are now being forced to relinquish their Gold Medal in the Oppression Olympics to eternally disgruntled and easily aggrieved Islamists.
Ah, the irony. The homosexuals were so pro-Muslims in the abstract, and now Muslims are turning on them. The left–be it the progressive or Islamist variety–truly does eat itself.


Mind you, this is all happening in nations without Muslim majorities. None of these nations have laws against blasphemy, but they all have some sort of restrictions against “hate,” which increasingly seems to be nothing more than a secular, Cultural Marxist version of blasphemy.

Exactly. Hate is just a modern way to create a heretic. And what is impressive is the religious impulse that is behind this, which tells you that in the modern West, the culture war is not Christianity versus a secular worldview, but it is actually Christianity versus a viral religion.

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