Comment: You WILL Be Labeled Alt-Right

Rod Dreher talks about a recent event instigated by the Southern Baptist Convention’s (SBC) resolution against the alt-right, and how that resolution still does not appease some individuals linked to the SBC (article here):

In today’s NYT, a black academic named Lawrence Ware announced that he is leaving the Southern Baptist Convention — this, in the wake of a controversy over the Convention’s meeting this summer in which there was a second vote to condemn the alt-right. Ware says he is also offended by the number of white Evangelicals who support Donald Trump. He writes:

To be sure, many prominent convention leaders have opposed Mr. Trump and the alt-right. Indeed, one of them, Russell Moore, went so far as to voice his criticism before the election.

But not enough has been done to address the institutional nature of white supremacy in the convention. Many churches are still hostile to the Black Lives Matter movement, and even more were silent during the rise of Mr. Trump and the so-called alt-right. For all of its talk about the love of Jesus Christ, the Southern Baptist Convention’s inaction on the issues of racism and homophobia has drowned out its words.

So: in order to be good enough for Ware, the Southern Baptist Convention would have to affirm not simply the moral equivalence of all people, regardless of race (which is true, certainly from a Biblical perspective), but also affirm an extremely controversial activist group that, as part of its statement of “guiding principles”, affirms transgenderism and homosexuality, and also (this is a direct quote from its website):

We are committed to disrupting the Western-prescribed nuclear family structure requirement by supporting each other as extended families and “villages” that collectively care for one another, and especially “our” children to the degree that mothers, parents and children are comfortable.

What remotely conservative, traditionalist Christian church could possibly affirm that? None. Yet Ware makes affirming this particular organization the test of the SBC’s good faith on racial reconciliation. Ware continues, accusing the SBC of  “acquiescence in the face of racism and homophobia”. Racism, because even though the SBC voted to condemn the alt-right, the fact that many individual Southern Baptists voted for Trump, and the Convention does not endorse Black Lives Matter? That’s all it takes to be guilty of “acquiescence in the face of racism”? And “homophobia” because the SBC upholds traditional Biblical teaching?

Good grief. See, this is the kind of thing that vindicates some on the alt-right, who say that it doesn’t matter what you believe or why you believe it, they’re still going to hate you and accuse you of being one of us. So why not be one of us? (they say).

The above bolded portion is exactly right. The point is that the modern progressive movement is similar to the homosexual movement in that they will first say that all they want is tolerance, but soon it will turn into the claim that if you do not positively affirm the progressive point-of-view, then you are lumped in with the alt-right or the extreme right or the fascists. Of course, the progressive hope is that more people fear being labeled alt-right than fear affirming progressivism. Whether that is the case or not, we will see, but as the alt-right is growing, and some countries as a whole–Poland and Hungary, for example–are arguably alt-right (or at least alt-West), then this is at least debatable.

Furthermore, it is interesting that this whole situation also reinforces another thing that the alt-right claims: namely, that ethnic diversity increases tensions within an organization or country rather than alleviating them. After all, the problems noted above would not occur if the Churches were ethnically homogenous at a local level, but united in Christ at a wider level. Thus, the more things like this occur, the more claims made by the alt-right will appear to be supported.


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