Even Others Are Seeing Alt-Christianity on the Horizon

Article here:

Marcello Pera is an influential intellectual in Italy. A former president of the Italian Senate, he is a close friend of Benedict XVI, and even co-authored a book of lectures with him on the decay of the West (Without Roots: The West, Relativism, Christianity, Islam)
In an interview with Naples newspaper Il Mattino, published on July 9, 2017, Marcello Pera presented what can reasonably be called the general view of Pope Francis by the wide moderate spectrum of Italians, and Europeans, of all classes.
What do you think in general of the control of migratory flows and of the insensitivity of Europe towards Italy?
“Our Country is alone, dramatically alone. It’s dangerous. This worries me. We’re alone because other countries follow above all their national interests. Behind the pretty words of facade, they do not worry much about us. And we’re alone because the Church invites us to open wide the doors, she seems almost to enjoy our feebleness. I fear a brutal reaction. I fear that the protest of the people may curdle and reach a non-desirable outcome. It’s not a matter of Right and Left in this case. Also, I think that the Pope’s contradictions will soon be seen in broad daylight: he’s not in sync with his faithful anymore. An alliance between conservative Catholics and nationalist forces, so to speak, is highly probable.”
Read that last line. That is Alt-Christianity. And even other see it coming.

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