Comment: The Separation of Church and State?

Article Here:

A Christian preschool in Sweden has banned children from saying grace at mealtimes, talking about the Bible, or saying “Amen”.

The decision to forbid children at the school in Umea to engage in religious practices was reached after a school inspection. The municipality’s supervisors in charge of education noted that the Christian activities violate Sweden’s educational policies, Swedish National Broadcaster STV reported.

Sweden’s Education Act prohibits schools from having confessional elements during school time and says children should be able to opt-out of religious practices.

Inspectors believed the preschool, run by the Salvation Army, didn’t give children a choice as to whether they wanted to participate in elements of the day such as saying grace before a meal.

Britt Marie Mårtensson, the kindergarten’s manager, told the broadcaster that Sweden’s Education Act “can be interpreted in different ways” and thought saying grace at mealtimes wouldn’t constitute “education”.

“As a confessional activity, we knew we could no longer have prayer time while children are at their desks where they learn, so we thought we would add grace as a nice feature during mealtimes,” she said. “We interpreted the law differently from the municipality.”

I know that Sweden does not have an official idea of ‘separation of Church and State’, but is it not amazing how the secular State, when given the chance, just forgets that alleged and unofficial separation that is supposed to exist in secular-liberal countries and dives right in to over-ride the Church with its secular morality. This is why Alt-Christianity rejects the false idea of the separation of Church and State, because there is no such thing. There are only competing worldviews.

The manager told the broadcaster that after the municipality’s decision, the kids now sing a rhyme and give thanks the sun, the rain, and the food at mealtimes.

Give thanks to the sun, the rain, and the food. Interesting how grace cannot be said, but pagan-like practices are quite fine.

“It’s sad because grace is a tradition, but the rhyme is also nice and it allows the kids to choose to whom and what they want to give thanks,” she added.

One wonders whether such traditions would be removed at a Muslim school in Sweden rather than a Christian one. I doubt it.

In addition to banning grace, the educational supervisors barred the preschool’s personnel from having “Bible Snacktimes” where children and teachers talk about the Bible.

Pian Rosell, a preschool strategy planner at the municipality that made the ruling, stood by the decision but agreed that the Education Act isn’t clear when it comes to guiding preschools.

In the end, this is a minor matter, but it shows that when push comes to shove, the secular State will often move against the Church, not vis versa. This also touches on what I call Christ’s Law, which is that any nation which is not explicitly Christian will sooner or later become anti-Christian in outlook and practice, which is perfectly obvious, given that worldview neutrality is a myth.


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