Using the Left’s Rhetoric to Justify Body-Slamming

Over at ‘The American Conservative’, Rod Dreher laments the alleged body-slamming of a reporter.

A lot of us conservatives have made hay out of illiberalism on campus, but now we have an egregious, high-profile example of brutal behavior on our side. Montana Congressional candidate Greg Gianforte body-slammed a reporter who asked him a perfectly normal question (about health care) that he didn’t care to answer.

Article HERE:

My Comment on that site was the following:

The fact is that this whole incident is easily justified using the Left’s own rhetoric.

After all, consider that the reporter invaded Gianforte’s safe space, then used triggering actions against Gianforte, then used words in a manner which Gianforte’s no doubt FELT were hate speech and words of violence, and so Gianforte reacted to such “verbal violence” merely with a different kind of defensive violence. In a way, this was really just self-defense of a unique sort.

At the same time, clearly the reporter was, to Gianforte, a Nazi, although Gianforte may have a strange and loose definition of that term…although no more loose than the way the media itself has been using the terms for months on end. And doesn’t the Left say that its OK to punch a Nazi.

Furthermore, Gianforte is clearly a victim of a culture of toxic masculinity, which makes him feel like he has to react in this way due to social and cultural pressures, and so he cannot really be held fully responsible for the patriarchal conditioning that he has been subject to his entire life. This is not even to mention that the reporter was showing his domination and oppressive nature by bursting into the room and not respecting the requests to leave, thereby causing an instinctive defensive reaction to occur against him. In essence, Gianforte was a shocked victim who could not help but lash out at his dominating and disrespectful oppressor.

So, all in all, an incident that could be entirely justified using left-wing, SJW reasoning. And that is a telling fact, in and of itself.


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