Homosexuality, Islam, and Romans 1

Article HERE:

Earlier this month, on the campus of DePaul University, James Kirchick, a leading gay activist was planning to speak on the abuse of gay individuals in Islamic countries. His presentation was called “Dictatorships and Radical Islam: The Enemies of Gay Rights.” One should think there wouldn’t be an issue with such a talk, as one doesn’t have to look far to find examples of Islamic regimes that treat homosexuality as a capital crime.

Except for one major problem. Another student group tried to shut him down. You see, his crime was to point out the atrocities of radical Islam’s violence towards gays and other sexual minorities, and in the oppression hierarchy on college campuses, such views are taboo. In particular, he was denied the opportunity to display a poster with the slogan “Gay Lives Matter.” The offended organization, DePaul Students for Justice in Palestine, categorized Kirchick as a “white Zionist”(as if that matters). Further, they declared “not in our fucking name will you continue to demonize Islam and Muslims and ignore the radical Christian right.” As if the Christian right is beheading people and throwing gays off of buildings. We’ve reached a high point of absurdity when pointing out human rights abuses is “demonization.”

Even though this incident is certainly bizarre and outrageous, it is not unique. All across far left circles, Islam has ascended to the top of the Oppression Olympics to the very point that pointing out objective reality is no longer tolerated. Even in my own social group of psychotherapists specializing in sexuality and relationship issues, I posted on a private Facebook group about the role of radical Islam in creating the horrific conditions of the extermination of homosexuals in Chechnya, and instead of lively intellectual discourse, I was met with hostile insinuations about my attitudes towards Islam, mainly by gay psychotherapists.

Now, my point here is not to speak about this issue specifically, rather, I just wish to use this topic as a catalyst for a point about apologetics. And that point is that when you see the delusional nature of such people about Islam, it suddenly becomes a lot easier to accept the claim in Romans 1 that people, deep down, know that God exists, but that they choose to suppress that belief for various reasons. And the reason that I say that it is easy to believe that, is because when you read articles like the one above, it becomes clear that such people know the truth about Islam, and yet they use any excuse to deny the obvious and readily apparent evidence — literally the evidence right in front of their eyes — that they see concerning it. And so when you see this denial happen in one area, it is much easier to believe that it can happen in other areas as well, such as concerning the existence of God.


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