And They Tell Us Not to Be Skeptical…

Article HERE:

7.2-million-year-old pre-human fossils challenge modern human evolution theory

A jawbone discovered by German troops in Athens during the Second World War could be evidence that apes and humans diverged 200,000 years earlier than the current theory says.

Chimpanzees and bonobos are the nearest known relatives to humans, sharing 99 per cent of our DNA. It’s believed that we split between five and seven million years ago.

However, researchers analyzing two fossils — a jawbone from a German museum and an upper premolar from a collection in Bulgaria — concluded their ages to be roughly 7.2 million years, and belonging to a pre-human.

But there’s another significant finding: that human split occurred in the eastern Mediterranean and not Africa, as it is believed.

A few days ago, we would have been told that the idea that humans came out of Africa was settled science and as sure as any scientific fact. Today, the matter looks a bit shaky. The point? It is perfectly rational to be skeptical of settled science. Furthermore, it is perfectly rational to be skeptical of evolution and its alleged settled nature.

And I wonder what they will say if it is later discovered that the first modern humans actually came out of the lands mentioned in the first chapters of Genesis. What an interesting discovery that would be.


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