Far Cry 5 Cover

Far Cry 5

So that is the poster for Far Cry 5. The connotation of the image is obvious. However, here are a few humorous and telling points concerning this whole matter

First, what’s not to like? Masculine men. A beautiful woman. Guns. Meat. A nice dog. A pretty church. My kind of place!

Second, depending on how the game pans out, this might be one of the few games where I am rooting for the AI.

Third, Ubisoft likely imagines that it is brave making a game like this. And many commentators on game websites are echoing this sentiment. But nothing could be further from the truth. Making a game like this in today’s climate is easy, at least in terms of the coverage and press that you will get. By contrast, I doubt Ubisoft would have the balls to make a game about taking out a militant Black Lives Matter group or about taking on a syndicate that smuggles illegal aliens across the border. Now that would take guts. But demonizing white males…well, there is nothing hard or risky about that. So let’s stop pretending that Ubisoft is somehow being bold and brave in this respect.


2 thoughts on “Far Cry 5 Cover

  1. Hoping the game is something like this:
    You play an American patriarch forced to hunt down the degenerates who are swarming over your land.

    The crafting mechanism lets you build traps for each different type of enemy (a soy latte in a cunningly disguised cage for generic hipsters, doughnuts and Nambla newsletters set atop spring-loaded punji sticks for Phil Sandifer), and once you get to her gingerbread house in the forest you discover the final boss baddie is Hillary Clinton.

    The Crusader American flag is a seller too.


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