Except for Her House, that Is…

Article HERE:

Katy Perry, who has time and again made no secret of her double-digit IQ, gave another display of her distance from reality after the massacre committed by an Islamic terrorist in Manchester, England at an Ariana Grande concert on Monday night.

In an interview on Tuesday with Elvis Duran on Elvis Duran and the Morning Show, Perry offered her profound advice: “Just unite and love on each other.”

Of course these celebrities are morons — and that would be fine if they just shut-up — but even for morons, you think that they would get the point by now: uniting and just “loving” one another ain’t gonna happen. Not on this side of the grave, at least.

However, Perry expanded on her idea in this quote:

Besides like all the weird stuff that goes around the Internet, which is, y’know, sometimes a great place but an absolute, y’know, underbelly mob-pit of horribleness, I think, like, the greatest thing we can do now is just unite as people, as like, fan bases, all of it, y’know? Cause I think, like, there, like, as much, y’know, whatever we say behind people’s backs, cause the Internet can be a little bit ruthless as far as fan bases go but I think that the greatest thing we can do is just unite and love on each other and like, no barriers, no borders, like we all need to just co-exist.

Of course, for Perry, no barriers and no borders does not apply to her, and definitely not in the literal sense. After all, you think that her house won’t keep its security fences, and that her security guards won’t enforce her property lines. Of course they will. Like all champagne socialists, what Perry means is that there should be no barriers and no borders for YOU, but since she is a unique case, then she gets special treatment just because.

Now, the reason that realizing this is important, is because we — the “rubes” — can do something about it. Namely, we can hit these celebrities hard on social media and expose their hypocrisy. And the goal of doing so is to undermine them and their influence, and wake a few more people up.  That way, in the coming years, hopefully less and less people will pay any attention to what someone like Katy Perry has to say. It would be a small victory, but an important one in the struggle for the West.


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