Christianity and It Only Takes a Few Good Men

Quintus Curtius has a good article over at Return of Kings titled “It Only Takes A Few Men to Change the Course of History” (article here).

In essence, Quintus relates a historical episode where a few motivated and driven men changed an interesting aspect of Greek history.

Now, the reason that I find this article interesting is because it reminds me of something that Vox Day repeatedly says: namely, that it only took a handful of Christian Apostles to change the world. And indeed, this is completely true.

At the same time, this reminds me of another incident of a few Christian men changing the course of history: namely, the Reconquista. Imagine what would have happened had those few Christian men in the north of Spain not started to fight back against the Muslim invaders but rather gave up because they thought there was no hope. Had that happened, Spain might be an Islamic country today. But those few men did start to fight, and after 700 odd years, the Reconquista was complete.

So, what is the point of saying all this? The point is that even if we are few, there is always hope, and we should never give up the fight. We need to remember that.


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