The Two-Fold Problem of the West in One Picture

Weak Men

In this picture is captured the two-fold problem with the modern West.

The first problem is that these morons actually think that putting their hands into little heart shapes is somehow significant or helpful. It is not. It is disgusting virtue-signaling at its worst. So that is problem one: pathetic and ineffective action that is believed to be highly significant and important.

The second problem is this: look at the “man” on the left of the picture. Does he look like he will defend you? Does he look like he even has the necessary level of testosterone to fight? I think not, and that is the problem. Too many men in the West are like this fool, flabby and weak.

So, until these two problems are resolved, the West will not sort itself out.

Thus, the solution is also two-fold. First, call out this idiocy whenever you see it. And second, breed real men. It will take years, but it can be done.


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