The Coming Low-Level Persecution

Article HERE:

American Christianity is heading toward a tipping point, where real violence against Christians could very likely erupt. Yet the church remains sleepy, almost unaware.

The early signs are all in place. …

  • A teacher in Maine being threatened with firing for privately telling a co-worker, who attended her church, that she would pray for him
  • A Washington Post reporter tweeting that Marco Rubio has “lost it” for tweeting a Bible verse about peace, and a reporter at Esquire adding that Rubio’s biblical tweets are “oddly terrifying”
  • The cancellation of a successful TV show, likely because of its conservative message. (Conservatism enters into this even if it isn’t Christian, as I’ll explain shortly.)
  • Anger over opinions expressed by the current Miss USA
  • A California professor scrubbing out pro-life messages on campus
  • A New Jersey school trying to fire a teacher for handing a student a Bible
  • An entire list of hostilities against Christians on campus

If I were to look back more than seven days, this list could include Christians losing their homes and businesses for the sake of conscience, and churches and Christian organizations being targeted with guns and with arson. Some of that has been racially motivated, but not all of it.

Look, the fact of the matter is that it is hard, at present, to call what Christians in the West are experiencing as “persecution”. Or rather, it is indeed persecution, but persecution comes on a scale, and what Christians in the West are experiencing is just very low-level persecution/harassment when compared to their brothers around the world. Nevertheless, a type of persecution it is, and it will only get worse. Thus, Christians need to steel themselves for what is coming. At the same time, Christians need to make plans to get out of this situation, which is why, once again, I am a strong advocate of Christian secession. Let Christians go one way, and non-Christians go another. That is the best way to stop this persecution from occurring or getting worse.


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