Its Becoming Morbidly Humorous

Article HERE:

Nineteen people have been confirmed dead and around 50 others are injured following reports of multiple explosions after an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester in the North of England on Monday Evening.

Greater Manchester police…call incident a terror attack.

Chief Constable Ian Hopkins gave a brief press conference confirming the number of victims and said the incident is being investigated as terrorism.

You have no doubt heard about this incident, so I am not telling you anything new. Obviously, the exact suspect(s) has not yet been confirmed, and so some skepticism is warranted, but at present, and with the evidence at hand, it is an extremely good chance that this is an act committed by Islamists.

Now, I have to say that at this point, such incidents, though tragic, are, in a way, morbidly humorous. Indeed, just as a cop finds black humor in the numerous death scenes that he visits–because, after all, if he does not laugh, he will cry–so too is the same thing starting to occur with these terrorist acts. Furthermore, there is only so much energy that a person can expend warning people over and over and over again about such things; and yet if grown adults choose not to listen, what else is there to do with them. After all, if adults cannot understand something as simple as the analogy that you should not invite a pack of pups into your home if one of the them is guaranteed to be rabid, nor do you import and support an ideology that turns some pups into owner-biters, then there is little that can be done for such adults.

So, in the end, most people in the West will sigh, and then wait for the next one. Its insane, but that is what we will do. The West is still to comfortable to mobilize. The mobilization will very likely happen, but not yet.


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