This is a Thing that Men Must Do…

Return of Kings has a good article on Lauren Southern, a commentator whom I like (article here). The article is well-worth the read if you are interested in that subject. In the end, though, the article concludes as follows:

I cannot blame [Lauren Southern] for making money out of male attention if she is honest about it. She has shown so far that she is on our side against the cultural decline—there is no question about that matter. But it must be seared in everyone’s mind that this struggle is a man’s world and change will be brought by men.

This is key. While the struggle between the Right and Left, the Nationalists and Globalists, and the Religious and Secular can be fought by such irregular individuals as Lauren Southern and Milo, and although such individuals can often revive a movement and bring new blood to it, the fact remains that, in the end, the burden rests on us normal men to do our part and sort things the hell out. People who will enhance interest in the movement through their boldness or unorthodox nature are necessary for a movement to be reborn, but they are not sufficient to maintain it; for this, men who take leadership at all levels are needed. And men cannot forget that fact nor can they avoid it.


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