With Friends Like These…

Article HERE:

Ross Douthat, one of the New York Times‘ “conservative” columnists, has published an op-ed calling for the Cabinet to remove President Donald Trump from office under the 25th Amendment on the grounds of mental incapacity.

The title of the column is “The 25th Amendment Solution to Remove Trump.” Douthat acknowledges that Trump has not committed any “high crimes and misdemeanors” that might lead to impeachment. But he has another plan.

Building on an earlier Times column by fellow in-house “conservative” David Brooks, Douthat calls Trump a “child” unfit for the office: “A child cannot be president. I love my children; they cannot have the nuclear codes.”

Douthat’s proposal is not new. It has been a staple among the so-called “Resistance” since the early days of the Trump presidency. Democrats, unable to accept their loss in November, have been casting about for a way to depose the president.

With “conservative” friends like these, who needs enemies! But the fact is, it is well known that conservatives will cut-and-run, or backstab, when things get difficult or unpleasant. However, the more important question is why? And, interestingly enough, I think that one answer to this issue is that whereas for the Left, power is the main objective — which is why the Left finds it so easy to be hypocritical, lie, employ double-standards, endorse absurd and outrageous ideas, change their story on a dime, etc. — for the “conservative” Right, the main objective is respectability. Now, don’t get me wrong, conservatives also value truth and consistency, and they say as much. But the problem, in my view, is that they value respectability and acceptance just as much as truth. They want to speak the truth, but they don’t want to get their hands too dirty with rhetoric and uncouth speech (unless its against a fellow member of the Right). And that is the problem, for the Left knows this conservative weakness, and exploits it. Thus, the conservative seeks to be respectable to the very people — the Left — who will never find him respectable to begin with. After all, think about it, if a moderate Republican or, say, Mike Pence, was currently President, do you think that the Left would be any less vitriolic? Of course not! The only thing that would be different is that their approach would change. But the Left would still be attacking any Republican in any way possible and calling him an extremist and a bigot no matter who it was. And, of course, the usual suspects would turn up to denounce that Republican, all in the name of respectability and appearances. And the Left would win again on that front. Well, screw it, I say, its time not to be respectable, at least not to cultural opponents who will never find you respectable to begin with. So stop seeking respectability!


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