Weird, but Not Surprising

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Raheem Weird

Three points:

  1. First, it is interesting how these leaders are all in what is commonly taken to be Western European countries, which are arguably the countries that are most sick from a cultural perspective; by contrast, the comparatively healthy Eastern European countries are not on this list. That’s a telling fact; almost like the sickness and cultural suicide of the countries in question is manifest in their leaders.
  2. Second, it is interesting how these are mostly the countries that suffer from the migrant crisis. Almost as if it is the case that when you don’t have any children of your own, you need to import them, not just for economic reasons, but in some sick attempt to make up for your own barrenness. Just like the people who are “parents” to pets. After all, the parental void needs to be filled, and if not with your own children, then with pets or “adoptee” migrant kids.
  3. Third, is it any surprise that those people who are not even willing to support the future in the most obvious and easiest way — namely, by having children — are not interesting in seeing their culture and society move into the future either.

The Lesson:  As old as Genesis – Be fruitful and multiply (and don’t put a great deal of trust into leaders who could, but don’t).


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