Freedom and a Difference Between Left and Right

Freedom and restrictions on freedom. This issue is an interesting one to look at from the Left and Right divide. Indeed, I was thinking about this matter the other day, and how both the Left and the Right — as we generally understand them today — want freedoms in certain areas and yet want restrictions on freedoms in other areas. But where each side wants their freedoms and their restrictions is very telling.

The Left, in my view, desires freedom for maximum personal pleasure, enjoyment, happiness, “feel goodness” (ie – virtue signaling) in the “now” for minimal personal effort, regardless of what this means for the future or for civilization in general. This is, at least in part, why the Left pushes sexual behavior in all its forms, so long as it feels good. Or why the Left pushes abortion. Or why the Left is often childless. Or why the Left wants free health care. Or why it desires free university education. Or why it wants free and easy divorce. At the same time, this is why the Left wants to restrict speech that makes it feel bad. This is why it wants to attack any groups that try to restrict its personal pleasures. And why it wants to restrict, for example, the cutting of taxes which might remove funds that it can redistribute to itself for unearned benefits. In a way — and I honestly do not wish to be rude — the Left is like an animal: so long as it is fed, taken care of, and free to fuck the way it wants without repercussions, or call itself all sorts of absurdities, then it is happy with restrictions in its choice over health care, taxes, schools, guns, etc.

By contrast, the Right, in my view, desires freedom for maximum civilization growth and the benefit/protection of its family, even if that means that the personal pleasure, happiness, or “feel goodness” of some people in the “now” needs to be restricted. This is why, for example, the Right wants freedom to own guns, the freedom to choose its health care, the freedom to run its business as best as it sees fit. This is also why the Right is willing to restrict certain sexual behaviors that are dyscivilizational, and restrict such things as easy divorce, and restrict pornography, and so on. It is also why the Right has kids, and often many of them, as well as why the Right is much more traditionally religious, for traditional religion often requires personal sacrifice for the betterment of the group.

So, the point here is that both the Left and the Right want freedom in some areas and restrictions in others. The only difference is that the former is geared toward the self whereas the latter is geared towards the other. And it is only the latter that can maintain a civilization.

Now, this topic is too complex for just a blog post, but I think that the above differences are a step in the right directions towards understanding at least one large difference between the Left and the Right.



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