Link: Libertarians Should be Alt-Right

From the Z Man:

Now, does Nick Gillespie really think altering tax policy will magically transform low-IQ, inbred Muslims from the Maghreb into patriotic French republicans who work at Parisian software shops? It’s tempting to say it is just another pose, but the evidence is piling up in favor of the argument that Nick Gillespie is a stupid person. Anyone who truly believes altering tax policy will reverse a thousand generations of evolution is an idiot.

That’s the fundamental problem with modern libertarians. They believe this or they simply are incapable of mastering ground floor level biology. The reason the country of Niger is a basket case is that’s the way the people of Niger want it. It is full of Hausa. The reason Paris was Paris was that, up until recently, it was full of Parisians! Now that Paris is filling up with North Africans and Arabs, it is looking like Algeria with better plumbing.

What’s happened to libertarians is a form of what Vox Day calls convergence. It used to be that libertarians accepted the chain of causality. They worked backward in order to arrive, obliquely, at the first cause. If you wanted to have a nation of maximum freedom, you had to have a nation with rational laws and that meant a rational, Anglo-Saxon culture. The result was a libertarianism in one country model.

This is the great irony of libertarianism: namely, that the arguably best and only practical way to get as close as possible to a libertarian state is through something like the alt-right approach, for only a homogenous nation of relatively high-IQ and like minded people could ever form a society where libertarian ideals could largely take root and stay strong. Thus, for the libertarian who actually wants to achieve something close to his ideal in this life–rather than just talking about stuff and achieving nothing–the best course of action is to support the nationalist / alt-right program internationally, while then being libertarian within a nationalistic group that is actually capable of sustaining these ideals. That, in my view, is the only way the libertarian can be anything but a utopian dreamer on par with a Marxist, just at the other extreme.


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