Link: Understanding the Left by Understanding Satan

Link HERE:

The way to understand the Left is that it is oppositional.

But this is seldom understood. Why? Because what the Left ultimately opposes is Christianity: real Christianity and not the hollowed shell of the modern mainstream Christian churches (institutions that have as much to do with Christianity as colleges have to do with education, or the European Union legal system has to do with justice).

And this carries the implication that the true (covert) leaders of the Left necessarily believe-in the reality of Christianity – otherwise they could not oppose it.

Yep – the Leftist leadership believe-in the supernatural reality of Christianity: believe it and reject it.

This carries the further implication – utterly unacceptable and incomprehensible to secular people – that the Left cannot be understood unless you personally believe in the reality of demons – I mean supernatural, purposive, personified, active opponents of God’s plan of salvation.

I’m afraid that it is necessary to believe in demons (immortal evil spirits) to account for the Left’s strategic destructiveness extending over many human generations; and the cohesiveness of purpose behind so many persons and institutions – despite the inadequacy of perceptible systems of coordination and control.

I have to admit that I have actually thought of this idea myself. And I must say that it has always seemed to me to be the best explanation of the uncoordinated coordinated nature of the Left’s attacks, if you get my meaning. It also helps explain the Left’s unholy alliance with Islam, both enemies of Christianity. And finally, it also serves as a good explanation of why the Left’s target is Christianity, and specifically Christianity, even though many other religious groups or ideologies are just as opposed to Leftist “ideals” as Christianity is; and related to this, it also explains why the Left ignores the massive suffering of Christians in the world, even as they claim to support the “marginalized” groups.

And so, yes, for the Christian, these reasons, and others like them, point to a deeper “Coordinator” than a merely human one.

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