W4 and the Conservative Whigs

Over at the ‘What’s Wrong with the World’ (W4) blog, Lydia McGrew–whose apologetics I enjoy–wrote a blog post about the need for the growth and return of what can best be described as traditional “conservatives”. In this blog post, she lamented the rise of something she essentially called “crazy conservativism”, by which she means the alt-right, the alt-West, and nationalists. She also expressed a desire for men to turn away from the aforementioned bad influences and return to the sort of conservativism that she endorses. Lydia’s blog post can be read HERE.

Now, as a proponent of what I call Alt-Christianity, I submitted the following comment for publication at W4:

[Quote] The fact is, it was under the watch of the “conservatives” described in this [W4] essay that the progressives made all their advances and the Churches became liberalized and weak. Why this was the case, I do not know, but it was. Is it any surprise then that modern men on the right might look at such conservativism as something weak and ineffective. Of course not! Men are perfectly rational to see it as such.

Whatever the reason, the fact is that there is something weak and submissive at the heart of so-called “conservativism”; indeed, when the going gets tough, the conservatives (or at least those perceived to be conservative) get gone. Case in point: Ann Coulter’s speech that was just cancelled. When things got tough, and just the threat of violence was mentioned, the “give-me-liberty-or-give-me-death” conservatives and Republicans who had sponsored Coulter actually turned out to be “give-me-safety-and-security” nanny-state conservatives. And that is why men will now move towards the Alt-West, the Alt-Right, and towards nationalists, for at least these groups won’t back down at the first sign of a threat to the “safety” of their “community”.

My prediction: Modern conservatives are the Whigs. They will be whittled down soon to insignificance by portions of the right that actually fight the left on any terms that are necessary, not just verbally ‘tut-tut’ about them, like Buckley and his cohort did for two generations. [Unquote]

So, it has been a full day, and there have been multiple other comments posted at W4, but mine is still in limbo. Not surprising. But I have to say, there is something deeply ironic about making a comment essentially accusing W4-type conservatives of being wimps and cowards, and then having such conservatives censor the comment so that they don’t even have to deal with it. And I know it’s their blog and all that, but I still think the optics of the whole thing are quite telling.

In the end, I know a few former conservatives who now hate that label given that they know that in practice it actually means cuckservative. As such, such “conservatives” now call themselves nationalists or traditionalists or something else, but they are definitely no longer conservatives! They may espouse conservative-like principles, but the label has now been tainted as one of weakness–and rightfully so–that they do not wish to brand themselves with it.

And that, my friends, is largely the legacy of modern conservativism.



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