New Book: Lack-of-Belief Atheism is Bullshit

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Over the past decade, the idea that ‘atheism’ means a lack-of-belief in the existence of God or gods has become mainstream. Thus, rather than claim that atheism is the positive view that God or gods do not exist, unbelievers now argue that they simply lack a belief in the existence of God or gods, and so they claim to have no burden of proof for their alleged lack of belief. Unfortunately for such unbelievers, this view is bullshit—in the philosophical sense, that is. For as is argued throughout the interlocking essays within this work, the move to define atheism in a negative lack-of-belief manner is little more than an attempt by atheists to avoid the burden of proof which legitimately falls on their shoulders. And so, by covering such topics as the fact that atheists themselves admit that lack-of-belief atheism is an attempt by them to evade their burden of proof, to the ultimately unsuccessful attempts by atheists to have lack-of-belief atheism mean something different than agnosticism, and to showing that, in fact, everyone—atheist, agnostic, and theist alike—has a burden of proof, this work provides both sides of the God-debate good reasons to reject the idea that atheism should ever be defined as just a lack of belief in God or gods. So, whether you are a theist, an atheist, or an agnostic, this work is sure to challenge, refine, and even transform your view of so-called lack-of-belief atheism.


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