Triple ‘A’ Fitness – Anytime, Anywhere, Anyone – Cardio

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Triple ‘A’ Fitness – Anytime, Anywhere, Anyone – Cardio

If we, the Men of the West, are to make a change to our present society, then one of the key things that we must do is remain fit and capable, for not only is a fit body a more intellectually capable one, but it is also a more confident one, as well as one which is more respected, simply due to the fact that it is human nature to respect men of physical ability and stature. However, at the same time, it is true that not everyone can effort the cost of a gym or the time to commit to it. Nevertheless, the need to stay fit remains. And so, in order to help those who might neither have the time nor the money for a gym, this series of essays will provide advice and exercises on how to get fit without the need for any exercise equipment or any specific exercise location. All that is needed is your own body and a solid piece of dirt.

Now, in this specific essay, the exercises that will be focused on are cardiovascular ones. Thus, if you only have ten minutes of time, or if you cannot run, or if you just feel like exercising with the television on, here are a number of cardio exercises that you can do without leaving a five-by-five-foot square of ground. And so here are the exercises in question:

  1. Running-on-the-Spot: Running in place, usually used to rest between more intense exercises;


  1. Simulated Jump Rope: Fully simulate that you are skipping in place, like a boxer;


  1. Calf Jump: Lightly jump straight up and down using calves only;


  1. Normal Jumping Jacks: Hands from down at your side with feet together, then hands swing out above your head while your feet go from being together to being double shoulder-width apart, and then back again;


  1. Front Jumping Jacks: Left leg straight-out behind you with your right arm straight up in front of you about shoulder height, and your right leg in front of you with its knee slightly bend and your left arm is straight behind about one foot behind your left side, then rapid switch your arms and legs at the same time;


  1. Side Jumping Jacks: Feet together with left foot crossed in front of right foot while hands are together at groin level with left hand crossed over right hand, then arm swing to the side and up to shoulder height while feet go double shoulder width apart and then both hands and feet return (switch from right over left to left over right) and repeat;


  1. Knee Ups: Standing with feet shoulder-width apart, bring one knee up to your chest (or as high up as you can), then the other knee, and repeat;


  1. Push-Up Knees Ups: In the push-up position, bring one knee up to your chest (or as high up as you can), then the other knee, and repeat;


  1. Heel Ups: Standing with feet shoulder-width apart, bring one heel up to your rear-end and then the other heel, and repeat;


  1. Stairs: Find one step (or a stepping stool), then left foot on step, then right foot on step, then left down and then right down, and repeat;


  1. Side-to-Side shuffle: Feet greater than shoulder-width apart with knees bend and hands up in front of you, shuffle rapidly right a few feet, then left, then repeat;


  1. Front-to-back shuffle: Feet greater than shoulder-width apart with knees bend and hands up in front of you, shuffle rapidly forward a few feet, then backwards, then repeat;


  1. Shadow box: Do not worry about your form or boxing skills, just move around and move your arms in a boxing fashion.


Now, during your work-out, feel free to do these exercises at a high intensity or a low one, but remember that they are indeed cardio exercises that anyone can do. At the same time, if you a person who is already fit, and if you do not think that these exercises can provide you with a sufficient work-out, then I suggest trying something like a thousand jumping jacks in a row or a hundred knee-ups at a full sprint; that well give anyone a work-out!

And so, the long and short of it is this: if you push yourself, these exercises will give you the cardio work-out that you need. And since they require nothing but your body, there is no excuse for not doing them when you can.

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