Christian Rhetoric and Re-Naming Christmas

The Reconquista Initiative


Christian Rhetoric and Re-Naming Christmas

In the battle between different worldviews, it is simply a fact that many people, at least initially, are not swayed by reason, but rather by rhetoric, polemics, and a perception of worldview confidence. For this reason, Christians in general, and especially the Christian apologists with an aptitude for it, need to start couching Christian truth in a confident rhetorical and polemical approach in order to make the presentation of that truth more persuasive and effective. This does not mean lying, nor does it mean being disrespectful, but it does mean calling a spade a spade, not issuing unwarranted and groveling apologies, not trying to seek false common ground, and not trying to placate a worldview opponent just to be “nice”.

And so, in light of the above, and given that it is Christmas, it is suggested that Christians, at Christmas, can engage in a minor rhetoric action to make their Christmas witness a bit more forceful and confident. Indeed, given the modern secular attempt to literally de-Christianize the word “Christmas” and turn Christ’s Mass into little more than a secular day of festivities, it is, arguably, time for Christians to become more forceful in clearly yet briefly elucidating what the real meaning and purpose of Christmas is: namely, that it is the day to celebrate the Incarnation of Christ through His birth as a Man. Thus, it is proposed that Christians actually stop using the term “Merry Christmas” and replace it with something even more provocation, such as ‘Happy Incarnation Day’ or ‘Happy Christ’s Birthday.’ In fact, even adding something as minor as ‘…the day of Jesus Christ’s birth’ after an invocation of ‘Merry Christmas’—essentially, saying, ‘Merry Christmas, the day of Jesus Christ’s birth!’—would be an excellent rhetorical way of showing that Christians are not afraid of affirming what Christmas truly is about. And indeed, hearing any one of these different Christmas greetings for the so-called “Holiday Season” would make it clear that we are not celebrating some secular materialistic holiday that just happens to be titled “Christmas”, but rather that we are celebrating the very birthday of the Savior of the World. And using such terms would also show that we, as Christians, are not afraid of expressing that truth to one and all. And so, to all of you, Merry Christmas, the day of Christ’s most glorious and salvific birth!

 Happy Christ’s Birthday to all, and if you wish, then please support here:

Anno Domini 2016 12 24

Non nobis Domine, non nobis, sed nomini tuo da gloriam


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