Comment: That is Why I Support TRADITIONAL Western Civilization.

Commenting on the latest jihad attack in Germany, Vox Day says the following:

It looks like a Nice-style attack on a Christmas market in Germany…At least 50 are injured. Enough. It’s time to bring back Christendom and start banning religions again. The Enlightenment is not only over, it failed.

And indeed, this is why this blog supports traditional Western Civilization, not just any form of Western Civilization.

No non-Western refugees should ever be allowed into the West for any reason. Help them there or don’t help them at all.

And the funny thing is, the most humane thing to do, for both them and us, is to help them over there, not here, but we bring them here because its both easy and it allows us to virtue-signal. And such a move is not a virtue, but a vice.


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